3D Embroidery with Puffy Foam

3D Embroidery with Puffy Foam

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Embroidery Cost Calculation

Whether for business or personal purposes, embroidery is a long lasting, cost-effective way to put branding in front of an audience. Several factors determine the actual embroidery cost:


All embroidery companies have this cost. Some will try to hide it by including it in the overall price of the item. While it may seem like you don’t have to pay a digitizing cost, you actually are paying a hidden logo digitizing cost and you wind up paying it every time you re-use that logo or design. At The Embroidery Authority, we let you know up front what the digitizing cost will be. It is a one-time charge for that logo or design. This means when you come back to re-use that logo, you will only pay the actual cost for the embroidery.
When considering the digitizing costs, not only should you find out what the actual fee is, you should be wary of bargain pricing. Not all digitizing services are equal. This is the most critical stage in getting embroidery done correctly and to your satisfaction.
Our digitizers take extra care in creating the stitches to bring out details others might overlook. You want a result you will be proud of, and that is our goal, satisfaction guaranteed.


Generally, the more stitches required, the more the embroidery will cost. Keep this in mind when you are determining the size and complexity of your design. We have a set price for items that are up to 10,000 stitches per piece. Almost all logos on shirts and caps are less than 10,000 stitches, so they would fall into this base price. Above 10,000 stitches, we have a pricing table that is based on each additional 1,000 stitches. As an example, designs on jacket backs can easily be 30,000 to 60,000 stitches.


Because much of the labor and time is in the initial digitizing and set up, embroidery is most cost effective with bulk orders. Price per item is less with larger orders.


We offer discounts for non-profit organizations for uniforms and fund raisers. Also, remember that with us, re-orders are less because your digitizing cost is only paid once.

We Are The Embroidery Experts

For more information about the cost – or for any other questions you might have, write to us on info@shoppingdistrict12.com, or give us a call on +971 50 755 2458

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